Why "Reparative"?

More than 12 years of work dedicated to the upkeep of health and beauty, has helped us to perfect the formula of sustainable beauty. We provide our clients with individual and professional care to determine what is necessary for maintaining a healthy body. We guarantee results - instant as well as long term. We are a team of people who are passionate about what we do and who we are.

Originality - exclusive procedures, products and equipment, that is unique in all of Latvia.

Effectiveness - amazing results in health improvement

Offers - long and short term procedures, various products and accessories.

We work in the name of health, beauty and loving your body!

Our speciality is oscillation therapy, but what is it? 

Oscillation therapy is a special therapeutic process. The body tissues receive the impulse generated by electrostatic attraction and friction. Swinging movements are very gentle compared to other therapies and have a profound effect on all tissues - skin, adipose tissue, muscle, blood and lymphatics.

Most known effects:

  • pain reduction;
  • oedema and inflammation reducing effect;
  • wound healing stimulation;
  • skin smoothing and purification, tonus and facial oval improvement;
  • metabolism enhancement.

This method will be effective for facial oval and tonus enhancement after plastic surgeries and caesarean sections as well as treating cellulite! This therapy has been used in aesthetical medicine in both USA and Europe. You can enjoy oscillation massage at our studio in Rūpniecības street 17, Riga!

Away with saggy, pale skin and cellulite!

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