The skin does not lie!

It shows your lifestyle, attitude towards yourself, your success, bad habits as well as happiness and exhaustion. We all know that a healthy lifestyle is the main key to a good health, but sometimes we forget that skin also needs the same treatment and attention in order to be beautiful and glowing. Our skincare line “Reparative” is all about simplicity - it doesn’t have artificial and often redundant ingredients just to make your cream last longer on the shelf. It has everything your skin needs without the unnecessary long-list of components.

Moisturising facial gel

Revolution for the skin!
Our star! “Reparative” offers a deeply moisturising gel for all skin types. A thorough rejuvenation on the skin is absolutely guaranteed. Discover something new!
Reparative moisturizing facial gel

Cleansing face mask

Clean pores!
Our activated carbon mask. A renegade. It works as a cleanser, pore minimizer, helps to get rid of toxins and is a skin saver. Best works for normal and oily skin.Reparative facial mask with charcoal

All-Season peeling

Beat Acne! A total rebirth. Unique combination of ingredients to solve the most problematic cases of acne and unevenness of complexion. Peels, cleanses, reduces irritations! Reparative all season peeling for acne

Gel for women intimate care

Over time, changes affect not only the skin of our face and neck but also our intimate areas. Therefore, we have created a new product that aims to restore the skin in your most delicate place. Reparative gel for women intimate care

Facial care line Reparative - Love Yourself More was founded in 2017. The founder of the brand is Ingrīda Pulvere - aesthetic beauty and massage specialist who is also kwown as Daiļotavas hostess and a published author of the book "Gribu Apprecēties". Our studio's priority is to achieve beauty and health with non-invasive methods - mechanical and physiological. In her studies Ingrīda uses various massage techniques to effectively help clients.

However a long-term solution to skin problems was lacking in cosmetic products that would adhere to the hypocratic 'Non nocere' (Lat. Do no harm!) principle and actually work. A product that represents the mono idea in cosmetics - minimalism in the composition of products without losing effectiveness. The solution was to launch our own cosmetics brand with a team of brave, knowledgeable, young Latvian professionals. This is how Reparative monocosmetics was born - thanks to its creative team with Ingrīda Pulvere, dermatologist dr. Ezeriņa, pharmacists and other inspired assistants.

Have you ever looked at the composition of a skin care product? Usually it is a very long list of chemical terms, of which we might know one or two. Thats is why Reparative stands by and actualizes monocosmetic - cosmetic products that only contain the very few things that are most necessary for our skin. And seeing as there as just so few of them, we would like to tell you about them a bit more detailed - so that our customers know what they're putting on their skin!


Thioctic acid or alpha lipoic acid is a naturally occurring component that is mostly known and  researched for its anti-oxidative effect. Every day our skin is exposed to various harmful factors from the environment (UV light, pollution). These harmful factors create free radicals that cause premature ageing. Thioctic acid is one of the strongest antioxidants known to us!

It is found in various food products (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets) as well as in our body in order to fight cell damage. As we grow older, thioctic acid levels in our body decline just like the levels of UREA.

Research has proved that sufficient amount of thioctic acid works as:

  • antioxidant
  • vitamin C, E, and gluthathione effect accelerator (this is a unique characteristic!)
  • anti-inflammation agent and wound healing accelerator;
  • collagen synthesis accelerator;
  • participant in energy production!

Another thing that should be accounted for is that thioctic acid, unlike other anti-aging products (such as retinol and glycolic acid peelings that irritate the skin) is made for SENSITIVE skin! 


Urea or carbamate. It sounds a bit complicated and like something to do with urine or urine therapy and to be honestly it is not far from the truth..However urea is the end product of our body's proteins, that we mostly discharge through sweat and urine.

Thanks to the scientific accomplishments, urea that can be used in dermatology is synthesised in laboratories. It is a fantastic product that moisturizes and rehydrates skin while softly peeling it at the same time (depending on the concentration, the higher the percentage, the more strongly the skin is peeled).

Skin contains a natural moisturising factor or NMF, which contains of amino acids, glycerol, nitric pyroglutamic acid salts and 7-8% UREA. These are all hygroscopic (moisture absorbing) molecules that are necessary for healthy, well-functioning and moisturised top layer of the skin. As people age the amount of natural moisturisers in their skin declines, including the amount of urea, and therefore tiny horizontal wrinkles start showing and the skin dries out.

These small urea molecules best known, but surely not the only benefits: 

  • skin moisturising and rehydrating;
  • improving the protective barrier of skin, improving renewal of skin cells;
  • natural exfoliator;
  • enhances the absorbing of other substances or skin penetration;
  • reduces inflammation and itchiness (in case of chronic diseases, uch as, atopic dermatitis);
  • helps regulating balance of the "good and bad" bacteria on the skin! 


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